Q: Can we shear cut GFRP rebar?

A:  NO, GFRP rebar is orthotropic and non-ductile material, GFRP can be cut using steel saw, a band saw and or grinder   with a diamond blade.  


Q: How to tie GFRP rebar together?

A:  Tie GFRP Rebar with stainless steel or nylon tie wire, you may use heavy-duty zip tie too. 


Q: Can we bend MST-BAR® in the workshop or on site?

A:  MST-BAR® is manufactured with Vinyl-Ester Thermoset Matrix, you cannot bend MST-BAR® after curing cycle, all the   bends have to be fabricated in B&B FRP Manufacturing Plants in Toronto.


Q: Can we bend MFX-BAR® in the workshop or on site?

A: MFX-BAR® is manufactured with a unique & patented method using Thermoplastic & Corrosion-resistant glass fiber.     MFX-BAR® can be re-heat and re-shape just like any other thermoplastic. Apply the heat to 200°C (Centigrade) until           adequate softness achieves, use proper tools and jig to bend. (NOTE: to have maximum strength, avoid buckling and         dislocating the fibers).


Q: How to lift long the bundle of MFX-BAR® & MST-BAR® from a flatbed truck?

A: GFRP rebar is more elastic than regular steel bar therefore always avoid excessive deflections of the bars. Always use   a spreader bar when hoisting bundle of GFRP rebar.