Beside many advantages of GFRP rebar, there is only ONE drawback to the industry. Bending GFRP rebar have been always the one and only issue. Inconsistency of quality ,delay in production,cost of bending,lack of properties in compare to straight bar and other limitation are some of the many issues with current bend GFRP rebar.


Thanks to Research & Development team of B&B FRP Manufactruing inc. to intorduce    

MFX-BAR®  to the world users of GFRP rebar. 


MFX-BAR® is the only tested Bendable GFRP rebar in the world that provides solution to the bending of GFRP rebar. MFX-BAR® has higher mechanical properties than current available GFRP rebar in the market. By glass tranision temperature (Tg) of 110 degree celeciuse , it provides an excellent heat resistant. 


MFX-BAR® is tested and proved to have :


  • Tensile strength (1400 MPa for 10mm bar, 1300 MPa for 20mm and 1100 MPa for 15mm bar) 

  • +64GPa of Tensile Modules 

  • 25% of steel weight

  • +16 MPa bond strength

  • Electrical insulator

  • Thermal insulator  

  • +90% retain in tensile strength and 100% retain in elastic modules in high pH environment  

















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