MST-BAR® Bend manufactured with highest grade of modified Vinyl-ester/Glass fiber bend rebar that has above 75%(CSA S807 requirement is 45%) retention of strength at bend portion in compare to straight portion with extremely low coefficient of variation(<5%), That means each Micro-fibers inside the bend is so well aligned to cary the load at bend as it suppose to.   


MST-BAR® Bend is free of buckling,voids, easy on hand at prefabricate in perfect bend shape that you will not be able to distinguish between steel and GFRP bend.

MST-BAR® can bent in to any shape, 2D(Along X,Y) and 3D(Along X,Y,Z) and Spiral(Round or Square). The minimum bend radius is 5.5 times the diameter of the bar. 

Standard Available Nominal Bar Size

Mechanical Properties of MST-BAR® Bend bar