Q: How does MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® price compare to stainless steel rebar?

A:  Both MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® are 2 to 4 times less than the cost of stainless steel. Keep in mind that stainless steel     bars corrode too. 


Q: How does MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® price compare to Epoxy-coated rebar(ECR) and                   galvanized rebar?

A:  MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® are generally priced competitively with galvanized and epoxy coated rebar and the total       installed cost generally makes GFRP rebar a more competitive in price. 


Q: Do we have to consider the initial cost of rebar?

A:  Absolutely not, by the end of the project,when factoring in  MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® materials are generally more         expensive than carbon steel when comparing material costs. However, when factoring in installation, handling,                   transportation, long term maintenance & other associated expenses, the total installed cost of FRP is more competitive       to carbon steel.


Q: Why using MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® reduce the cost of the project? 

A:  Smart Designers are always factoring all the associated costs of the project, Some of these factors can be eliminated   when consider the use of MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR®.

  • Installation time

  • Transportation 

  • Handling and cutting

  • Surface cover and ability to remove waterproofing membranes and 65mm asphalt

  • Using sea water to cure the concrete

  • Short & long term maintenance charge